FerRobotics Compliant Robot Technology GmbH (FERRO)

Ferrara Paolo,
FerRobotics Compliant Robot Technology GmbH
Phone: +43 720 108107 07

FerRobotics Compliant Robot Technology GmbH is a spin-off company located in Linz, Austria. Founded in June 2006 this innovative company has been a worldwide leader in pneumatic robot technology ever since. The two founders and managing directors Dr. Paolo Ferrara and Dr. Ronald Naderer, MBA, pilot an excellent team of highly qualified experts in mechatronics, informatics and medical engineering. Mechatronics is the key technology in robotics. The soft and physically compliant robot technology of FERRO breaks through the so far limits of automation, leads into a new robotic era and opens the door for totally new applications. Physically compliant robots with tactile sensitivity build an innovative base especially in medical technology. The concept is both, ingenious and simple. Bionically inspired FERRO uses pneumatically driven muscles that contract or release. The complex software not only controls the performance, but integrates the interactive programming directly by the user also. The revolutionary concept of the flexible FERRO robots invites to innovative close contact applications. As an innovative product management FERRO implements its latest robot technology in the product portfolio of companies that want to take advantage of this lead in technology. FERRO and the FERRO technology have been awarded considerable prizes: "Rudolf Trauner Award 2007", "Dr. Wolfgang Houka Award 2008", "MM Award 2008" on the International Robotic Fair in Munic, "Innovation Award Upper Austria 2008", "European Strategic Manufacturing Award 2010". The national and international recognition from innovation communities, economy and experts are very rewarding and acknowledge the successful concept of this unique technology.

Role: FERRO provides compliant robotic therapy devices for upper limb movements, which can record movements of upper limb (3 DOFs) from therapists, and replay (reproduce) them accurately for the patients, in active and passive mode with gradual transition. Being the developer and manufacturer of this device, FERRO has access to and will also open the interface to all internal control algorithms to sustain scientific research. By using surface EMG as an additional control source, this technology can be developed into a user-driven, upper limb rehabilitation system with closed-loop feedback.

Key competences and facilities: FERRO's R&D team consists of 11 experts in mechatronics, informatics and medical technology. As a highly innovative company our whole infrastructure is laid out to run R&D projects.

Our robots get their soft grip on yielding tasks and applications which require physical compliance and positioning tolerance. In all our projects we've built up incomparable expertise which flows directly into this project. Our excellent competences contain: 1) the ingenious software concept to control textile air muscles; 2) the unique performance of physically compliant and interactive robot devices; 3) the integration in a high-tech lightweight body; 4) the realization of a straight forward and human related user concept.