Otto Bock HealthCare (OBHC): OBHC is divided into four strategic business segments: exo-prosthetics, orthotics, mobility solutions, and neurostimulation. In exo-prosthetics, Otto Bock is world market leader. OBHC develops and produces orthpaedic systems including myoelectric prostheses und electrical stimulation devices.

Key competences and facilities: As a commercial provider of medical devices, Otto Bock has core competencies in research & development, evaluation of orthopaedic devices with patients for clinical and commercial viability, and in production & processing. More than 100 engineers and researchers work in R&D. R&D labs including electronics and embedded systems, software development, prosthetic fitting and evaluation will be available for MYOSENS as needed. Through the OBHC service centers MYOSENS will have access to amputees. OBHC regularly provides internships and hosts many trainees and students. OB maintains two training facilities: The Otto Bock Academy offers comprehensive training programmes for customers and OB employees. The programme includes courses in prosthetic fitting, regulatory affairs, IPR, and complementary skills. The Otto Bock Science Center offers special training in the field of mobility and rehabilitation with multimedia and interactive installations. MYOSENS fellows will be able to take advantage of these facilities according to the proposed training program.

Role: The main role of OBHC is to provide knowledge about the state of the art of commercial prosthetic systems, the clinical and commercial requirements of viable prosthetic and functional electrical stimulation systems, and expertise in prosthetic fitting and evaluation. OBHC will provide the virtual prosthetic training and testing environment CAPS, electrical stimulation devices STIWELL med4, as needed, Michelangelo prosthetic hands for testing and evaluation purposes, and will develop a prosthetic systems for below elbow amputees that integrates sensory discrimination training and provides an improved prosthetics training system according to the research proposed.