University Medical centre Goettingen (UMG-GOE)

University Medical centre Goettingen (UMG-GOE) UMG-GOE will be represented in this project by the Department of NeuroRehabilitation Engineering (NRE), and the EU Liaison Office/Department of International Relations. The research group that will be directly involved in MYOSENS has 1 Full Professor, 1 Associate Professor, 3 Assistant Professors, and several PhD students and Fellows. NRE has excellent research capabilities in EMG signal detection, processing, and neural control information extraction from EMG recordings.

Role: UMG-GOE is the coordinator of MYOSENS. UMG-GOE's scientific responsibilities within MYOSENS include the investigation of proper stimulation paradigm, development of a neurophysiological model for synergistic muscular activations, the development of advanced surface EMG signal processing algorithms, and the implementation of the closed-loop myoelectric control prosthesis system. The activities of UMG-GOE will be conducted with close collaboration with other partners of the consortium, particularly with OBHC.

Key competences and facilities: Key facilities include high-density surface and intra-muscular EMG systems, portable EMG systems, motion analysis systems, TMS, and EEG systems. In addition, the Department of Neurology at UMG-GOE has a stroke unit and this will allow testing stroke patients. NRE has also close collaboration with the Department of Clinical Neurophysiology (Prof. W Paulus) at UMG-GOE which is one of the world-leading groups in cortical stimulation for inducing plasticity.